Foreword from our chairman

“The Langaford Farm Trust is a truly unique charity, on the surface we conserve Langaford Farm and look after all the wildlife and vegetation that call it home. However, that only scratches the surface of what takes place here, Langaford is a place that brings people together with shared interests from all walks of life. It is a place where ideas and knowledge are shared, friendships built and life changing experiences take place. We are growing more than just the plants and butterflies” – David Bunting (Chairman)

The Trust

The Langaford Farm Charitable Trust was founded in accordance with the Will Trust Deed of the late G G Bayes.  The Trust was formally confirmed as a Charitable Trust in January 2002. In 2021 the Trustee’s of the Langaford Farm Charitable Trust voted to establish a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) and transfer all assets of the charity over to the new entity Langaford Farm Trust. The new CIO will ensure that Langaford is a sustainable charity setup to continue the work of the Langaford Farm Charitable Trust.

We conserve a 100 acre Dartmoor farm located near Lettaford on Dartmoor’s North Eastern rim, it is a mix of pastures, woodland and wetland, divided by ancient field boundaries. Renowned for its conservation of the Marsh fritillary Butterfly, Langaford also supports a wide range of plants, bird and insects. The trusts work can be divided into the following areas Education, Science and Wellbeing.

Langaford Trust’s educational work is centred around its guided walks for a variety of specialist groups to study the plentiful wildlife and flora that covers the site, these specialist walks are shown on our event page. They are generally led by experts in their fields who guide groups through the site revealing its many secrets.

Langaford Farm is a world class conservation site, our Butterfly conservation of the Marsh Fritillary butterfly is award winning and we share our best practices with other sites. The key to our successes with conservation is down to the understanding of the soils lying under the site, Dr Tim Harrod and his colleagues from the British Society of Soil Scientists have found that Langaford farm has considerable soil diversity within its 100 acres despite predominately sitting on Granite. This diversity means Langaford has a wide range of habitats ranging from wild flower meadows to woodlands allowing the wide range of wildlife on the site to thrive. The trust is running a number of events to encourage better understanding of the soils especially for modern farmers.

This third aim of the trust is perhaps the hardest to quantify but in many ways overrules all other objectives. The wilds of Langaford farm are incredibly healing for some. They allow people to develop themselves away from the trappings of the modern world, our aim is to use nature and the coming together of people in groups of all sizes, to heal, educate, develop and most important of all be happy.

Current Trustees
Our Trustees are currently, Andrew Riddle (Treasurer), David Bunting (Chairperson), Debra Atkins, Megan Lowe and Susan Derges.

Langaford Farm Trust gratefully acknowledges funding from the Farming in Protected Landscapes scheme administered by Dartmoor National Park.